The importance of information in business

The importance of information in businessOn 17 May the World Day was held Internet, Telecommunications and Information Society, which is why YANAPTI Company specializing in information security, would not be indifferent to this important date, reason by which it held a Working Breakfast in the Hotel Alexander in the city of El Alto, which was attended by representatives from large, medium and small enterprises of the city.

Entrepreneurs became aware of the importance of implementing Security Measures to Business Information, so that companies can grow as protecting the security of their data / information and technological structures more robust, allowing them to produce more and increase performance.

Information Security today is one of the pillars for the success or failure of any institution, whether public, private, micro enterprise, business, educational, financial, that is why this time YANAPTI wanted to reach the Companies in the city of El Alto, to exchange views and cooperate in improving their business. The Working Breakfast began with the presentation of YANAPTI Operations Manager, with the theme “Safety in Your Business”, which highlighted the importance of implementing basic measures for information security. “Employers need to support the work of its Department of Systems in these implementations, training and raising awareness for all users as well as the Information Security is not an expense, but rather an investment,” he said.

Mr. Emerson Chavez later said, as do Data Recovery, cases of data loss, and when the Company has been affected by deletion of files, caused by different reasons: Attacks on your network, privacy violations, accidental deletions, etc, caused precisely because of the non-implementation of Information Security.

YANAPTI only to have the Computer Forensics Laboratory Bolivia, do this type of physical failure recoveries and / or logic on the hard drives and all kinds of electronic devices, noting that Mr. Chavez “to have this kind of loss data, we suggest not to try to retrieve information for home media, to isolate the HDD and packaged for shipment to our laboratory which is located near the Plaza Spain, in the city of La Paz. The diagnosis is completely free and will tell the client the status of it; eventually it will delay their recovery. “
“Our laboratory is equipped with advanced technological resources, ranging from specific hardware and software forensic recovery, even a work area free of impurities – Clean room. We have software and hardware elements needed to work on PCs provide great coverage in the area of recovery, portable phones, USB memory and other devices regardless of the type of failure to submit the damaged device. The Department of Data Recovery YANAPTI has a Forensic Laboratory Information Data Recovery, equipped with the latest technology in Bolivia and among the few Latin American level.

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