The daily work of the Humboldt Institution on Transatlantic Issues is carried out by a project office.
Dr.Tim Stuchtey, who established the Institution in his capacity as head of the strategic development and planning office of the Humboldt-Universität, serves as the institution’s administrative head. He advises the coordinator, James Griffin, who is directly responsible for the preparation and organization of the institution’s activities. Mr. Griffin is supported in his work by Agnes Lassak and Timm Nolte.

The project office is located in the main building of the Humboldt-Unversität zu Berlin, in central Berlin on the boulevard Unter den Linden and ten minutes walk from Friedrichstrasse train station. When leaving the station, walk south on Friedrichstrasse for two blocks and left onto Unter den Linden. The University is three blocks down on the left-hand side.

Humboldt Institution on Transatlantic Issues
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Unter den Linden 6
Raum 2037
10099 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 2093 2333
Fax: +49 30 2093 2447

Dr. Tim Stuchtey
Project Leader and Director, Strategic Development and Planning
1969 Born in Warendorf, North Rhine Westphalia
1989 – 1995 Studies in Political Economy at the Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster.
1995 – 2000 Researcher at the Institute for Political Economy at Technischen Universität Berlin, with a focus on higher education finance
1997 – 1998 Personal Advisor to the President of the Technical University of Berlin.
2000 – Juni 2001 Advisor for Tax and Economic Policy at the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (Bundesvereinigung der deutschen Arbeitgeberverbände BDA)
Since July 2001 Director, Strategic Development and Planning (STEP) Group of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and since 2003 also project leader of the Humboldt Institution on Transatlantic Issues
Tel.: 030/2093 2826


James C. Griffin
Born in 1971 in Orlando, Florida
1993 Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at the University of Florida
1994 – 1998 Advisor in the United States Congress, Washington
2000 Master of Arts in International Affairs at American University, Washington
1998 Internship at the German Bundestag, Bonn
1999 – 2002 Congressional Affairs Officer at the German Embassy in Washington
2002 – 2003 Program Director of the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation in Berlin
Since November 2003 Coordinator of the Humboldt Institution on Transatlantic Issues.
Tel. : 030/2093 2333

Agnes Katharina Lassak
Student Assistant
Born in 1980
Ms. Lassak is a student of Law at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and has studied abroad at the Queen Mary University of London School of Law. She has been a student assisant at HITI since March 2004, where she assists Professor Tomuschat and Mr. Griffin with research tasks.
Tel. : 030/2093 2335

Timm Nolte
Contract Employee
Born in 1968
Studies in Business Economics at the Free University of Berlin. Mr. Nolte has been working as a contract employee for HITI since August 2003 and is responsible for various projects within the institution, including the online presence.
Tel.: 030/2093 2335